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    Verified Studios' mission is to help higher education organizations who want to achieve positive impacts locally and globally. Working with such institutions acts as a force multiplier in leveraging our talents to make higher education more accessible and to improve the quality and diversity of student bodies.

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    “They gained the trust and respect of administrators because of their thoughtful analysis and expertise in delivering a quality finished product. The level of service I experienced with Verified Studios was excellent. I would hire them again without reservation.” — Brett Locklear, NCSU, Graduate Recruiting

We help our higher education clients leverage web design, online marketing and custom software development to attract high quality students while increasing application volume.


We provide visionary strategy and practical tactics that inspire applicant commitment, both in-person and online. We deliver higher education marketing solutions that influence the daily interactions between prospective students and your staff, while enhancing your program’s reputation.

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While constraints on universities continue to tighten due to economic pressures, demands for high performing programs remain. We understand that success can be elusive when budget is low and expectations are high. Fortunately, this is where Verified Studios excels.


Your university has a unique combination of history, people and opportunities to offer incoming students. It also has budgets, guidelines, and red tape. That’s why learning about your specific goals and needs is foundational to our efforts. We ask questions first so that we can avoid pitfalls and create enrollment marketing solutions that work specifically for your situation.

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